The 12th Edition of the Marseille Cosmology Conference Series
9-13 Jul 2018 Marseille (France)

Scientific Rationale

Since its conception more than 50 years ago, the intergalactic medium (IGM) has been chiefly the study of interconnectivity. This gas traces the cosmic web between galaxies. It connects galaxies to their fuel (and the energetic consequences of this fueling) in the circumgalactic medium. It connects collapse and cosmological expansion. It connect galaxies to the metagalactic background and subsequently to the ionization of baryons. It connects quasar spectra to large-scale structure through absorption.


At this conference we seek to understand these connections in order to establish a holistic picture of galaxy formation and their circum-galactic medium (CGM), the properties of baryons, and the expansion of the universe. Key to this goal is promoting greater interconnectivity between communities: cosmologists and IGM scientists, observers and simulators, data analysis and theory, project planners and modellers. Through sharing the latest results and fostering new connections we wish to prepare the community for the emergence of new massive IGM surveys and facilities for many years to come.


Proposed sessions:

1) IGM's contribution to baryon content
- Deuterium abundance
- hidden baryons
- Warm Hot Intergalactic Medium
- filament Detection in absorption and with thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich

2) CGM observers meet CGM simulators
- detecting gas inflows
- parsec scale structure
- fluorescent emission, Circum-Quasar Medium
- impact of cosmic web context

3) IGM (re-)ionization properties meets source population studies
- ionization flux
- escape fraction
- photon underproduction crisis
- quasar contribution
- imprint on thermal history

4) IGM Cosmology meets IGM properties
- Baryon Acoustic Oscillations
- small scale power
- tracer bias
- neutrino masses
- WDM, FuzzyDM
- separation from thermal properties

5) Wide meets Deep: Future Facilities

Local Organising Committee

Michael Blomqvist
Cecile Gry
Vincent Le Brun  (co-chair)
Bruno Milliard
Sean Morrison
Mat Pieri             (co-chair)
Ignasi Perez Rafols
Celine Peroux
Debopam Som

Science Organising Committee (in progress)

Dusan Keres - UC San Diego
Juna Kollmeier - Carnegie
Mat Pieri - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (co-chair)
Celine Peroux - Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (co-chair)
Gwen Rudie - Carnegie
Joop Schaye - Leiden
Mike Shull - Boulder, Colorado
Matteo Viel - SISSA, Trieste

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